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Fitting Astigmatic Presbyopes the Easy Way

Thursday 18th June | 13:00 - 13:45
Presenter: Phil Thompson FBDO CL MBCLA

You know the scenario, you have a patient seriously interested in multifocal contact lenses and then you realise they have a cylinder of 1.25D or more in one or both eyes. What to do?

Option 1
Not normally something you'd consider these days but you start wondering about that old technique you used before multifocals came of age - Monovision!

Option 2
Having ignored the Devil on your shoulder tempting you with loss of stereopsis and good binocular vision, you could have another try with one of the toric multifocals? Whilst past experience has been patchy at best, perhaps there's now one that can now deliver consistent and repeatable vision?

Option 3
An RGP multifocal would take away the issue of their astigmatism, but they're uncomfortable and so last century.

If only there was a lens that offered the best of both worlds - the comfort of a soft lens with the optics of an RGP, some kind of hybrid lens...

This webinar presents Duette Progressive as the solution to your dilemma. See how simple it is to empirically fit Duette Progressive and how this lens can differentiate your practice and kick-start your business post lockdown.duette synergeyes packs

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