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No, the Duette fit is assessed based on comfort, lens movement and over-refraction.

  • Assess movement
    • Lens movement up to 1mm (at straight ahead and upward gaze)
    • Good centration
    • No wrinkling at the skirt edge
  • Assess comfort
    • At this stage, there may be awareness of the, which is acceptable. Differentiate between discomfort and mild awareness. Mild awareness is not a concern as adaptation by wearing the lenses will eliminate this sensation.
  • Check acuities
    • Due to the tear lens, the final lens power is expected to be up to 1.00D more minus than the spherical portion of the spectacle refraction – because of tear lens neutralization. (Do not adjust for the cylinder correction of the spectacle Rx.)
    • If distance vision is not functional:
      • Confirm the patient is not over-minused.
      • Check for residual lenticular astigmatism.

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